Meet Lisa

After completing a degree in psychology, backpacking across Europe (and perhaps indulging a bit too much in delicious European cuisine), Lisa returned home with a quest to return to a healthy way of living.  She started taking classes and loved the stress release that she found with yoga and Pilates, in particular the importance of the core support,  the art of moving with intention and the importance of using your breath to support these movements. The statement on our home page could not be any clearer "Every Body Loves Pilates".


With an ailing father, the bio mechanics and healing properties of both yoga and Pilates would help Lisa not only deal with the stress of a family member with a terminal illness but also help her father move to the best of his ability as he slowly declined. 

Lisa completed her Pilates training at Second Wind Pilates Plus in (I have to find the date for you) and continued to teach in Mississauga where she had completed most of her training hours.  Lisa began teaching at Pilates in Guelph in February of 2016 to cover Carolyn's maternity leave. 

 isa is so grateful to have had worked with such wonderful mentors: Pino Rizzi, Danielle Bélec van Zeyl, Owner and Director at Second Wind Pilates Plus, Sarah Yamada and Meaghan O'Neill, Founder of Serendipity Yoga and Pilates.

As most of you know, Lisa's favorite piece of equipment is the Pilates ring.  She loves how it stabilizes the shoulder girdle and sneakily gets those arms working :)

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