On Fridays I will be posting sneak peaks of our Whole Body Workshop series. This series of workshops are designed to release tension, create balance and make your body move and feel great.

 This Month we have Posture - Saturday January 21st at 1:30 and Neck and Shoulder release Saturday February 4th  at 1:30

 $45 each taught by athletic therapist Ivana Zaniolo


Tight hips, tight low back… Sitting all day?  Get simple relief by mobilizing your pelvis on your thigh bones and on your low back.  

Pelvic Tilts: 

Before you start moving, access your neutral pelvis.  When standing, your pelvis is neutral when the hip bones that stick out at the front (officially called your Anterior Superior Illiac Spine if you want to look them up on google) should be on a plane perpendicular to the ground with your pubic bone.    When lying done, a neutral pelvis is where your ASIS  (see above) and pubic bone are on a plane parallel with the ground.  There will be a small grape size space between your spine, in line with your belly button and the floor when you are in a neutral position.

Supine Pelvic Tilting

Purpose:  To release the lumbar spine and renew connection to deep core muscles.

Starting position:  Lying on your back with knees bent.

Description of Movement:

a) Gently tip pelvis towards you so that you feel you low back flatten into the mat, then tip pelvis away from you so that you feel you low back arch away from the mat.

Imagery:  Imagine a bowl of water sloshing back and forth; let the water move the bowl instead of using your “muscles”

Breath:  Inhale as the pelvis tips one direction and exhale as it tips the other.

Repetitions:  1 minute tilting

What to Watch for:

  Be careful not to grip buttock muscles nor to push into your feet

  Move only in a comfortable and pain free range of movement

  Relax upper body, neck and shoulders.  Allow them to respond to movement in the pelvis and spine

  Remember to breathe


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