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 We are all about CORE!  Did you know there are 29 pairs of muscles which make up your Core System through your body?  And the muscle of your Core span from shoulder to knee?  

T-Spine Rotation


Purpose:  to mobilize the thoracic spine

Position:  lying on your back with knees bent, neutral pelvis


With fingertips pointing to the ceiling and hand together lined up with your breastbone, inhale and slowly rotation right getting heavier on your right shoulder blade and lighter on your left. Stay heavy on the left hip Exhale and come back to center. Inhale and rotation left.  Repeat back and forth.

Want to make this exercise more intense?  Lift your legs up to table top (knees over hips at a 90 degree angle) or stretch your legs out to a 60 degree angle.  In both positons keep your pelvis neutral.

Breath:  Breathe freely throughout the movement

Repetitions:  10 - 15 repetitions

What to watch for: 

  Remember to keep abdominals engaged to support neutral alignment in the pelvis throughout the exercise;

  Do not allow shoulders to lift off the mat;

   Keep hands, breastbone and eyes all focused on the same spot;

  Keep hips steady. If your hips start to move, stop rotating your ribcage.


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Caitlin Bovee