Where you put your energy....

Here's the link to a very important topic for people (mostly women) who need to start acknowledging, appreciating and harnessing the emotional care they give and get in their lives. Women often give emotional care without getting enough of this essential life food back for themselves. When we try to change how we care, we often run smack dab into the early training that especially women receive: that we should give selflessly and always to everyone or else we are not worthy. When we want to care for ourselves and free up energy for ourselves, we need to examine our deep beliefs about being guilty of selfishness.

This whole topic, on what is now called "emotional labor", has hit the internet and has people excited!


CBC Tapestry on emotional labor


A Quiz about emotional labor :http://www.cbc.ca/radio/tapestry/emotional-rescue-1.3888992/quiz-are-you-doing-your-fair-share-of-the-emotional-labour-1.3888993