Interested in the Reformer?  The Pilates Reformer adds a lot of support for your body. This allows you to access your stabilizer muscles, and deep core more effectively because you don’t have to ‘cheat’ your way through exercises – meaning you get the very most out of your effort, time and money.

The Reformer is great for those starting out and for athletes to refine their mechanics.   

This exercise is rolling back.  It is a great core exercises to feel your torso muscles.  The key here is to move from your pelvis, anchor your hamstrings into the carriage and focus on opening your hips.

Interested in trying the reformer?  Try a class out Saturday 9:15 Reformer Foundation $140 + hst for 8 weeks 

Do you teach Pilates? Try a class for $15 + hst. (Our instructor special price)  Or join my training BODY HARMONICS reformer level 2 training starting January 27th.  For more inforamtion check out http://www.pilatesinguelph.com/pilates-comprehensive-track