Believe it! You can feel better


Believe it! You can feel better!

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Everybody is different and what works for you may not work for another.  So learn what works for you?

1.  What will get you going and keep you going?

Are you a start big with a big plan and lots of details....or a start little and let the ball get rolling downhill to a big ball of success?

You do need to see and feel some results and fairly quickly too, to keep you motivated over that first week or two when the change in habits can feel like more effort than the potential outcome.

If you are busy in your life, you will need to take some daily commitments away to create the time and space to care for yourself. It takes 3 weeks or more to make a new habit feel regular and easy.

2. Having a plan with a stated goal and method is really helpful.

Every serious athlete has a coach and a support system. Self help books and T.V. shows help us gather info but do not individualize our plan, troubleshoot obstacles and keep us motivated through the tough spots.

Add in perks and remove knee jerk old ways you fall into old habits you no longer want....

Changing little and big habits is a very courageous thing to do! Here's to you!

3. Diet Changes

Add in some basics that are easy, such as the following for people who want to rebalance their digestion and eating habits:

Drink more water.

Have a green tea at 3pm to see you through supper with good energy (if you are not already a big caffeine user).

Share your plan with a supportive friend who can care and appreciate you through the tough times.

Declare a weekend day for yourself and bow out of your commitments to others ahead of time.

Have a day where you make a big vegetable soup (can be with beans and meat too) from scratch and augment with fruit and vegetables. Don't get hungry or thirsty but do avoid flour, sugar/concentrated sweeteners and processed food on that day. Avoid any known foods that aggravate you on that day. If you notice you feel better, then add that day in weekly or string two days together. More importantly, how has that day's eating motivated you to change your daily eating pattern?

If you are constipated, simply daily add 2 heaping tablespoons of ground flax to a half cup water. Stir and drink quickly.  Of course drink more water and get moving....also eat more food your gut microbiome likes (resistant starch) and a good probiotic!

Read about your microbiome and start eating for your healthy family of microbes ( more next week!).