Love Your Feet

We take our feet for granted.  We stand and move on our feet, day in and day out but we give our feet very little love, except for the occasional pedicure.

Don’t worry, I do too. Or I did until I got an injury.  Now I am all about feet.

Why are our feet important?  With every step we take, our feet transfer the force of hitting the ground up.   That force should transfer up and out the top of your head.    When it doesn’t the force gets trapped and likely you feel it in your knees, hips, SI Joint or low back.   How you contact the ground with your feet also impacts what muscles in your hips get stronger and which may weaken.

Can’t picture it?  Try it out.  Stand in one place and stomp your foot down.  Where do you feel it? 

Because you are standing, let us investigate this further.   Start by stepping in place and feel where your feet contact the ground. Do you feel more weight in the outside or inside of your feet? Front or back of your feet? Is it different from your right foot to your left?  

Now try being intentional with where you put your weight.  Focus on weighting into where the big toes meet your second toe (this is called the 1st ray).  Keep stepping and notice if anything feels different in your knees, hips, SI joint or low back.  Do this for a couple of minutes.

Now switch your focus.  Think about weighting into the center of your heel.  Keep stepping and notice where you feel this.

The grand finale, focus on weighting into your first ray (where the big toe meets the second toe) and the center of your heel.  Notice where you feel this?

Now it is ok if you didn’t feel a difference, you will over time.  Repeat this once a day for 7 days and you will feel a difference in your knees, hips, SI Joint and Low back.   

Join me for ‘Love your feet’ a wholebody workshop to help support the natural functions of your feet.  Your body will thank you for it.  Saturday October 28th 1-3pm $45 + hst (you get a franklin ball with workshop)