Osteoporosis Awareness Month

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It is Osteoporosis Awareness Month, a silent disease that affects many of us, especially as we age.   Pilates is great for bone density with many of our clients reporting improvements in their bone density after beginning a program with us.    

However, with Winter coming,  fall prevention becomes essential for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia and for others.    Each Wednesday we will give an exercises to help prevent falls this winter.  As well as with Free reformer class for bone density, Wednesday November 22nd at 12pm and a FREE yoga class for bone density Saturday November 18th 11:30 

Falls remain the leading cause of hip fractures among older adults, causing 63 to 83 per cent of hip and non-vertebral fractures and about 45 per cent of vertebral fractures. 

Most effective exercises to help reduce the risk of falls and osteoporotic fracture -  aerobic physical activity COMBINED with balance and strength training.   Pilates is great for balance and strength training.  It also helps you with aerobic activity as it optimizes your joint and muscle recruitment.

Changes in posture, combined with changes in bone strength, can increase the risk of spine fracture. Poor alignment can be improved with exercises that target muscles important for posture.

Professor Giangregorio from the University of Waterloo. “There is clear evidence that performing challenging balance exercises can reduce falls, especially if performed most days of the week. We propose a shift away from aerobic-only exercise regimes to those that emphasize strength training and balance training in addition to aerobic training, to achieve the greatest health benefits.” 

Visit our blog each Friday for a new set of exercises.  

November 10th  - Gluteus Medius and One Leg Balance strength

November  17th -  How Ankle movement affects your Balance and what to do about it.

November 24th -  The Lateral System: A Grouping of Muscles that help your balance

We look forward to helping increase your strength and balance this November.    Check out our Functional Fitness program of classes which caters to those with osteopenia or osteoporosis and avoids flexion through the spine while strengthening your hips, legs and core.   


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