Day 3 March Matness

There was a comment on one of my posts of alternate classical exercises saying "just do the original version".  So why am I showing variations? Well Pilates is more than the mat exercises and many people cannot and will never be able to do the mat work exercises (and that is OK). Pilates is still GREAT for those people and I want to post exercises that improve function not just look pretty.  Also and this is a big ALSO Pilates is a whole system and classical matwork is only part of the higher end of what Pilates is.  The other apparatus help people do Matwork. It helps your movement mechanics which will ultimately make matwork achievable ( if you want).  That that is what makes Pilates great.... not just the matwork.

  I love Pilates and everything it has to offer.  

Day 3 is Rollover.  

Now my body loves this exercises because it opens my upper back which tends to be tight and flat.   It is not for everyone.  It can feel yucky on necks and shoulders and should be put in when there is the space and strength to rollover.   I love it on the arc barrel so I am showing you on the arc barrel today.  On the arc barrel, I can use the feedback of the barrell to help articulate my spine over the barrel to keep width through my upper back. 


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