Tips for Pain Free Gardening

From a Pilates Teacher

Join us Saturday May 13th for a 2 hour workshop on stretches and releases to make gardening and lawn work pain free this season.  1:30 - 3:30 for $45

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and we don’t have to wear our winter jackets to go outside, it must be spring.   Along with the great weather, Spring brings yard work.  Some people love it, some bare it, but which every category you fall into, you have likely experienced soreness after spring yardwork.

Here are some help tips to decrease your discomfort.

1.      Take Breaks

a.      Every 15 minutes take a break.  Move your spine side to side, twisting right and left and do a few pelvic tilts.

2.      Move from your hip joints. 

a.      As much as possible hinge from your hips keeping your spine as straight (neutral) as possible.   Use your core to hold your spine still and you move.  If you need to get down lower to the ground, bend your knees not your spine.

3.      Use your Core and Breath

a.      Exhale and pull your hip bones together to activate your deep abdominal muscles which will help support your spine, shoulders, and neck

4.      Alternate sides

a.      Ever notice how you have a side the just feels easier to use when you lift, plant, weed?  When we work on one side, we create imbalances with our muscles.  We want balance so switch up sides.  This goes for legs and arms.

Like these simple tips?  Join us for a Whole Body Workshop on Pain free Gardening  1:30 - 3:30 Saturday March 13th $45  Register in advance as space is limited.