Why I choose Body Harmonic' Matwork Intensive in Guelph

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Why Body Harmonic' Pilates training? By a Yoga Teacher? 

As a yoga instructor in a gym setting, I was getting a mix of people attending my classes.  There were those that wanted to be pushed, the faster and harder the vinyassa sequence the better!!  Then I began seeing the total opposite end of that spectrum, those that needed extensive stretching and were suffering from injuries or as they would sum it up, “bad backs, tight hips and hamstrings”.  Yoga can absolutely be amazing and helpful for these issues, but as I started to see more injuries and more bodies that struggled with the simplest postures in yoga, I began research, more in depth than my basic anatomy training.  How does the body move and why?  Why does his muscle hurt there, why does her muscles hurt when she moves this way?  I found a course covering functional movement and anatomy, offered by Pilates in Guelph, Anatomy in Motion. 

 This led me to start attending basic mat Pilates classes, leading me to a deeper understanding of my own body as well as my students/clients issues and injuries, as well as my own concerns with their alignment issues.   I continued an amazing journey of studying and practicing Pilates.  Learning more about the inner core unit, functional movement and pelvic alignment...all of which landed me with my Pilates Mat diploma, (after many hours of study and practice of course!) and now I have added the teaching and practicing of Pilates to my life.  I believe Pilates is extremely important, as a discipline and set of exercises, not only for able bodies, but to help those who need to learn how to move again.  However slowly, some just need to find a way to begin.  Pilates will be integral to an aging population, especially those that have suffered injuries.  It’s never too late to start moving.    

Interested in taking Level 1 Pilates Training in Guelph.

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Pre-requisite: Anatomy in Motion* February 3rd 1:30 - 7:30pm
*Must register separately. Click here for details.
Module 1: Feb 23–25, 2018, 1–7pm
Module 2: Mar 9–11, 2018, 1–7pm
Module 3: Apr 6–7, 2018, 1–7pm
Module 4: Apr 20–21, 2018, 1–7pm

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