Why I became a Pilates instructor?

By Nicole MacAdams Bowes

After a long road in injury, I came to Pilates as an extension of physiotherapy.  My physiotherapist recommended Pilates in Guelph.

After entering the studio I felt relief. I feel like the instructors at Pilates in Guelph respected my body and saw my limits as temporary.  I felt safe and supported.  They gave me tools to move through restrictions ensuring I was safe and making true gains.  With tears in my eyes I exhaled in relief and gratitude.  They really saw my capabilities and strength.

I knew  I needed more Pilates in my life.   I noticed teacher training being offered.  I wanted to learn for myself.  I didn’t know if I could teach others BUT...

What if I could do for others what Pilates has done for me?

What if I could see the capabilities in others and provide them tools to help get there?

What if I could support people to live the life they want to, instead of the life they can manage?

That would be something truly special.

Acknowledging my fear, I exhaled myself back to center.  I took another breath and leaped forward into teacher training!

What a world of wonder. The more I learned the more I saw how much there was to learn.  At times it was overwhelming but the teacher are full of knowledge and encouragement.  Their passion is intoxicating.  They not only teach you the information but teach you how to teach.  Giving lots of tips and personalized feedback.  Everyone at the studio has been welcoming to the field.

Level one complete, can’t wait for level two!

Caitlin BoveeComment