Instructor Highlight: Maeghan Russell


I love how Pilates has resolved all my sciatica and given me my pain free life back. 

I joined PING in August of 2015 as a part time receptionist. I quickly felt the benefits of Pilates almost immediately. An MRI had showed 2 herniated discs in my lower back resulting in sciatica. Many years of massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractors never helped for more than a few days. The pain always came back.

I scheduled myself for 2 private sessions with Caitlin and began to take Mat classes weekly. After 1 month, my pain began to ease and it is now a rare occurrence. Pilates will now be a forever part of my life.


Taught under Caitlin, I have finished my Mat and Reformer Training and love teaching our clients in the studio rooms, not just seeing them at the front desk. Having mentors around me daily such as Sarah Kelly has only made me understand and put their expertise into action every class!

Maeghan's  Classes

Wednesday 12:00pm Reformer Foundation

Thursday 6:15 Mat Dynamic  & 8:15 Mat Precision

  Friday 12:00pm Abs & Back

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