Infinite Resistance Band

February Infinity Bands

Our new favourite toy!!!

I am sure you have already been introduced to these wonderful bands as we just can’t seem to get enough of them!!! The bands come in three different resistance intensities. Red (most resistant), green (medium reistance) and yellow (least reistance). I love incorporating these bands into my vertical, mat and even reformer classes! The resistance is just enough to effectivly get my clients into their glute med and abductor muscles (side of glute/leg and base of the glute). I have even been told by a few of my clients that they are wonderful for delving deeper into their scar tissue, which as many know can feel amazing!! Look out for these bands this month in your classes. Also check out the videos to see ways you can use these bands in your home practice.

Join us this Month for 3 video exercises by Sarah using the Infinite band.   

Bands are $9.99 at the studio.