March Matness Day 2: The Roll up

We get stuck on the Roll Up (and it is only the 2nd exercise of Joe's series) .  Many of us struggle with this exercise, but why?  Because it takes mobile hips, good lumbopelvic rhythm and thoracic mobility and antithesis of sitting at a desk.  The support for the movement by doing it on the Reformer, Cadillac, Roll down to Pedal on the Wunda chair or on a spine corrector.  

Helpful hints

·       Engage your hamstring – Press your legs into the ground to create an achor

·       Reach with your heels – stretch with all the power of your legs

·       Create opposition – reach your belly away from your thighs and your thighs away from your belly

·       Sing or count as you move.  Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and let our body do the work

Primary Focus:  Lumbopelvic Rhythm (how your thigh bones, pelvis and low back interact with each out)

Secondary Focus:  Stretch and Length

Also until you have it use PROPS.  This fitness circle helps with focus, use weight balls in your arms, squeeze a ball between your legs.  

Happy Pilating! 


Caitlin BoveeComment