March Matness Day 3: The Roll Over

The Roll Over

I love this exercise because I have a tight upper back and when I roll over I get a glorious release of all the tightness in my upper spine and rtbcage.   

Caution:  If you have any issues with your neck, choose something else to do.  

I am doing the roll over on a spine corrector to help facilitate movement and my connection with the ground.   It allows me to focus on precision until I have the strength and mobility to do it really well on the floor.  Whole system.


·       Find your reach.  Reach your legs like you are standing on them.  Reach your belly away from your legs to help create the space to roll over

·       Anchor your arms and upper back and feel your torso rotated around steady armbones. (Prep with a bridge – it is the same feeling)

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