Instructor Highlight: Sarah Kelly

What do you love about Pilates?

There are so many reasons I love teaching Pilates and also how Pilates makes my body feel. To narrow it down to one answer I would simply say... I love how Pilates makes me feel strong! I can run, climb, jump around with my girls with ease!

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What has Pilates done for you?

Pilates has given me a better understanding on how our incredible bodies works. It has taught me ways to not only strengthen my own body but my children’s bodies as well!! It makes me feel empowered!!!

What do you love about working at Pilates In Guelph?

Easy...I LOVE my clients!! On days when I feel blah and not as pumped to work (we all have those days) I think of all the lovely people in my classes and BAM!! The blahs are gone. They truly are the best clients an instructor could ask for.

Sarah teaches

Mondays 9:30 Reformer Precision Flow, 10:30 Core Reformer and 12:00 Reformer Precision

Wednesdays 9:30 Core Reformer, 12:00 Mat Dynamic

Thursdays 5:30 Dynamic Duo, 7:15 Reformer Precision 8;15 Core Circuit

Friday 9:15 Mat Vertical, 10:30 Core Reformer


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