September 2018 30 Day Challenge. Mark your progress!

September 30 Day Challenge

Before and After markers of your abilities. There are 8 in total. Do the ones you want and share your results.

1.        Ab Series – see video on facebook or YouTube here

a.       This are a series of 5 classical abs exercises.  Watch the video and choose the options that challenge you but you are able to keep your back still (with a small grape size space under your belly button)

2.       Side Bridge Series – see video on facebook or here on YouTube

a.       Side Bridges are the unlimited for  building a strong core.  On your forearm or your hand, lift a leg or keep both legs down.  Now form is more important than the length of your limbs. If you feel more on your forearm likely that is where you should be.   When things feel easy, we are often not doing them right!

3.        Standing Knee lift – see video on facebook or YouTube

a.       This is about rolling the moving leg bone back in the hip socket to release hips. Yes, you read that right, do movement to create release.  The standing leg is going to burn as well.  I suggest 10 knee lifts and go as high as you can without moving your back to the front, to the side (keep your pelvis facing forward) and alternating forward and side.  This will mean you will do 40 knees lifts in total.



4.       Straight leg lift.  You can do this with a band or without. Keep your pelvis neutral (don’t let your low back touch the ground) and lift you leg up to the ceiling or as close as you can.  With the band or strap it will be easier so try it without first and grade yourself.  How high did you get?


Seated legs long.jpg


5.       Sitting with legs extended. See picture below.  You want to be right up on the bones that you sit on.


6.       Sitting down test

7.        Start standing, now lie face down and get back up. Do this 10x. Now do the same thing coming to lie face up 10x. Watch me do it here!

8.       Pick another personal challenge and share with the group!


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