Why I Became a Pilates Instructor? By Dionne Galan

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As a yoga instructor, I recently began to research functional anatomy to answer the questions: how does the body move and why? Why does this muscle hurt there? Why does this muscle activate in this way with this particular movement?

I found a course covering functional movement and anatomy, offered by Pilates in Guelph, Body Harmonics’ Anatomy in Motion. I started attending beginner mat Pilates classes at Pilates in Guelph, which led me to a deeper understanding of my own body, as well as my students’ and clients’ issues and injuries. Thus began my amazing journey of studying and practicing Pilates. I decided to take the Body Harmonics Level 1 Matwork Training, in which I learned about the inner core unit, functional movement and biomechanics, proper alignment for all types of bodies, all of which helped me become a better teacher. I believe Pilates is extremely important, as a discipline and set of exercises, not only for able bodies, but also to help those who need to learn how to move again. Pilates is an essential form of physical activity for a sedentary population, as well as for anyone who has suffered injuries. It’s never too late to start moving! ~ Dionne Galan, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

  Level 1 Pilates training begins Friday February 8th for more information contact caitlin@pilatesinguelph.com

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