Who is Pilates For?


Who is Pilates for?

Everyone – whether you’re new to exercise, are training for an Iron Man, are overcoming an injury or simply want to enhance your posture or undo a day spent chained to your desk.  If you have a body, Pilates is good for you.


“Pilates creates optimal movement in your body.” Says Caitlin Bovee BArt. Sc, Body Harmonics teacher trainer and studio director of Pilates in Guelph. “Optimal movements means your body, muscles and joints are working the best they can.  This means, no more tight muscles because if a joint is moving optimally, the muscles around the joints are in ideal length. This means, your balance increases because the muscles of your body are working together, automatically to create balance.  This also means your cardiovascular system functions better because you are able to optimize your breathing.”  

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