Testimonial of Johnny Augustine

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Testimonial of Johnny Augustine, Winnipeg Blue Bombers #25 Running Back and Pilates Teacher

Three years ago, in the fall of 2015, i walked into the studio of Pilates in Guelph. My life forever changed, as did I, as an athlete and most importantly as a person. The work that Pilates in Guelph and my teacher Caitlin have done with me has improved my game as a professional football player in the CFL. i am able to move more freely, be more agile, and move in positions that i was not able to do before. Still being the same weight as i am and a bigger build, Caitlin and her staff worked with me to improve all my weak areas. i am injury-free and since taking Pilates i have had only one injury compared to the multiple that i sustained before doing Pilates. However i think that the most important aspect of the teaching that Pilates in Guelph provided was being patient with me. As much as i wanted to go on to the next exercise it was about correcting and fixing the task at hand. It didn't matter how many lessons I've done or how far i advanced. It was always about being patient and correcting any little details, and that's why i believe Pilates in Guelph is amazing. In addition, Pilates has brought more relaxation and peace of mind to my everyday life. Every time i step out of the studio i feel refreshed and rejoice. Pilates goes beyond the exercises and just your normal training. I truly love Pilates, Pilates in Guelph, and Caitlin for bringing this wonderful work of art into my life. It will change your body and mind altogether. i love Pilates so much that last year i became a certified Pilates instructor and my goal is to preach and teach others of this great work of art. Thank you Pilates in Guelph and Caitlin!

Work with Johnny https://www.johnnyaugustinefitness.com/


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