Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating – Make it Easy with Meal Planning

By Denise Boyd Bsc & RHN


Getting back on track after a bout of parties, big dinners and extra treats can be exactly what our bodies need after the holidays. Having a plan in place is one way to prepare for and avoid times when we’re starving and want to grab the first and often most sugar laden food available. While meal planning might not be a new concept, it isn’t always the most exciting option or it leaves some people feeling restricted.

A simple solution is to limit your choices. Studies have shown that when people are faced with a large number of meal choices we spend more time trying to decide what to eat and often choose less nutrition options. Pick two to three breakfast and lunch ideas and alternate through them as you like.

Breakfast choices could consist of a smoothie packed with greens, overnight oats or whole grain toast with nut butter and a side of fruit. Lunches could be of a rotation of veggies, hummus and whole grain crackers, a salad topped with lean protein, and a veggie based soup topped with nuts or seeds with a side of whole grain crackers or bread.

By keeping choices simple we’re prepared for times when we’re rushed and busy. When the panicked thought of  -“What’s for breakfast or lunch?!”  - hits us, we’re ready to keep our commitment of making our health a priority.

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