Client Feedback

I would like to request that the 8 a.m. Saturday morning Yoga/Pilates class with Mary be kept on.

This class has been amazing for me. 

I have been coming to Pilates in Guelph since December of 2017, so just over a year. I started coming here because of injuries. Lately I have not felt I am getting stronger or healing as fast as I would like. But this class showed me that I am. Before doing Pilates, I did yoga off and on for years, but it was not helping with my injuries and I found it very hard to do. But Mary's class went right back to the basics of each move. By using the wall to properly get into positions, for the first time I could hold positions and really start to feel my legs getting stronger.

Not only is this because of Mary's great teaching style,

I realized it is because of the work in the past year I have put into Pilates. I needed this class, which has slightly different moves than the regular Pilates classes, to show me that I am improving and getting stronger. I now feel energized more while taking my regular weekday Pilate classes .

I understand now that they are working!

Also: I regularly attend classes taught by Denise, Angela and Paula. They are all great instructors. I like taking a variety of classes with different instructors as they all have a different perspective in the way they teach, and I always learn something from them. They are always positive, approachable, and all have great teaching styles.

Thanks for listening.

If you are interesting in joining Mary on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. let us know

Join Mary on Sundays at 11 a.m. for her Yoga/Pilates class

Caitlin BoveeComment