Want Better Posture?

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              Of course, we all do.  If I gave you 2 things that would help you improve your posture would you do them 2x day for 7 days.  You brush your teeth 2x/day, right? (well maybe only one but I floss sometimes).  Doesn’t your body deserve the same attention your teeth do?

Get on with it, right? What are the 3 exercises that will change my posture?

Ok, here you go. (I threw in a 3rd, cause, there are just so many good one)

1)      Pelvic Bowl

2)      Side Bridge

3)      Bridges

I know I said 2 but try these 3 once a day for 7 days and you will be standing taller and feeling better.

Pelvic Tilting (pelvic bowl)

Purpose:  To release the lumbar spine and renew connection to deep core muscles.

Starting position:  Lying on your back with knees bent hip width apart.

Description of Movement:

 Rock your pelvis so that you feel more into your low back then rocking so your low back lifts away from the ground.

Repetitions:  1-2 minute of ilting

What to Watch for:

ü  Be careful not to grip buttock muscles nor to push into your feet

ü  Move only in a comfortable and pain free range of movement

ü  Relax upper body, neck and shoulders.  Allow them to respond to movement in the pelvis and spine

ü  Remember to breathe


Side Bridge

Purpose:  To strengthen abdominal and back muscles.

Position:  From a side-lying position, bring yourself up onto the bottom elbow. With the shoulder directly over the elbow draw the arm bone back into the shoulder socket. Feel your shoulder blade draw into the spine for support. Stack your hips and bring your spine and pelvis into a neutral position.  Let the top leg rest in front of bottom leg. Movement:  Keeping hips and ribs square, lift hips into air, reach into elbow and use bottom waistline to lift.  Hold for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times each side.

Imagery:  Reach elbow away from spine and imagine lifting hips from the strength of the lower waistline.

Breath:  Inhale and lengthen right back rib, exhale and reaffirm hips to ribs Repetitions: 4-6 x right side only

What to watch for:

 Keep shoulder from creeping into ear and from being pressed down  Align head with the rest of the spine  Check your hips and ribcage, they tend to twist and tilt

Supine Ribcage Rotation

Purpose: to mobilize the thoracic spine Position: lying on your back with knees bent, neutral pelvis Movement: With fingertips pointing to the ceiling and hand together lined up with your breastbone, inhale and slowly rotation right getting heavier on your right shoulder blade and lighter on your left. Stay heavy on the left hip. Exhale and come back to center.

Breath: breathe freely throughout the movement

Repetitions Repeat rotation both ways for 5 repetitions then only rotate to the right for 10x What to watch for: ✓ Remember to keep abdominals engaged to support neutral alignment in the ribcage and the pelvis throughout the exercise ✓ Do not allow shoulders to lift off the mat ✓ Keep hands, breastbone and eyes all focused on the same spot ✓ Keep hips steady. If your hips start to move, stop rotating your ribcage. ✓ Keep both waist lines long

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