Pilates for MS

Pilates is a mindful practice. Asking you to connect with your bodies.

The pelvic bowl is a ‘gem’ in the pre Pilates repetoire. We use it in every class therapeutic to athletic.

Pelvic Bowl

Purpose: Pelvis mobility

Starting Position:  Lying on your back with your legs bent and arms at your side. Or sitting on a chair with a pillow behind your back.

Movement Description: To begin find your neutral pelvis and imagine a marble resting on your belly button.   Roll the marble towards your ribs by curling your hips to your ribs and flattening your lower back.  Roll the marble to your right hip letting your left hip lift off the ground slightly.   Proceed to roll the marble to your tailbone letting your lower back arch off the mat.  

b) Bring the marble back to your belly button and roll it to your right hip then back to center. Then to your left hip and back to center.

c) Roll the marble to your right hip, then to your ribcage, to your left hip and to the public bone.  Then back to the right hip and repeat.  Change directions and go the other way.

What to watch for:

ü  Keep your shoulders still

ü  Keep your legs easy and try to make this movement happen with the muscles of your torso.


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