March Matness Day 18: Spine Twist

Spine twist at exercise 18 really is a release.  It helps unwind the spine from the inverted series and the front body opening series.   The position is often the hardest part of the spine twist.  Seat on something to help you lift out of your hips.  Then play with your rotation.  Lead with your breastbone.   Take big breaths to help open the ribcage.

Primary focus:  Thoracic Mobility

Secondary focus:  Space in the lumbopelvic region

March Matness Day 16: Scissors

Or inverted Scissors as we like to call this exercise in Body Harmonic' Matwork training.    I like to use the barrel with this one, to help my control.  Because all matwork exercises are about your control.   Keeping my torso anchored to the barrel helps my control and allows me to reach my legs away from my torso.  Now I would like my legs to be a little straighter in this.  We don't want to use bend to help get more range.   

Primary focus:  Torso control and stability

Secondary focus:  Hip lengthen and stretch

March Matness Day 15: Neck Pull

The name of this exercise is the #1 thing not to do when performing it, do not pull on your neck.  Since we are 15 exercises in, the neck pull adds challenge to your roll up by weighting your head.  It is a hard one.   We often start this on the way down as it is easier to use gravity to control the movement.   Reach through your legs, press them into the ground to get optimal lumbopelvic rhythm to control the roll down and coming back up.  Lift up and out of your pelvis to help roll up.

Primary focus: Lumbopelvic rhythm

Secondary focus:  Thoracic mobility