March Matness Day 24: Leg Pull Back

Leg Pull Back.   With this exercise, people are challenged by the range of motion required in the arms to be behind the body and hold weight.  And the ability to be strong through the entire length of the legs, then moving to one leg support.    Sarah is demostrating with her knees bent. This allows for the chest opening without the intesity of long legs

Primary focus:  Shoulder girdle range of motion

Secondary focus:  Strength and support through the legs

March Matness Day 20: SideKick

At day 20, we get a nice break.  Though done properly, side kick is not easy.   Think about side kick as a walking/running exercise.  It gets your lateral system active, your hips mobile and your ankle joints moving.   We have lovely Angelina demostrating while 6 months pregnant.  

Primary focus:  Lateral system support

Secondary focus: Walking/running training