Look what our clients think....

“I like my Pilates in Guelph Reformer Combo class because it really helps my low back and core. They have a great attitude.” Steve 

“I like my Pilates in Guelph Reformer classes because my muscles feel stronger and I have less shoulder and neck pain. Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Yes – I have to others!” Rachel 

“I like my Pilates in Guelph mat class because the instructor is great and it is a good workout. Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Yes, it has helped with my sciatica and back pain.” Marie 

“I like my Pilates in Guelph Reformer Combo Class because of the small class sizes and because they are challenging and rewarding. I really enjoy the physical challenge, the atmosphere of the studio, and the Staff is very attentive to specific physical needs/restrictions. Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Absolutely! Wonderful Staff, wonderful classes, inviting, & encouraging.” Rachel 

“I like my Pilates in Guelph Core Tower Class because it builds strength and flexibility at a good pace that achieves meditative states.” Anonymous Client

Group Classes At Pilates in Guelph

 Join us to raise money for causes that are close to our hearts.   Classes are by donation and fill us quickly.  Please register in advance and cancel if you cannot make it.  All classes are on Sundays at 10:30am

November 23rd: Kids Ability

December 7th: Breast Cancer Society


 Beginner to Advanced Classes

Pilates in Guelph offers a full schedule of group classes from gentle beginner classes to challenging advanced classes. You can start with one or two classes per week. It is highly recommended that you do a few private sessions to complement your group classes. Private sessions allow the instructor to focus on the issues affecting your body. It is also a good way to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

Results Oriented Program

Our group classes are designed for long term results. We start slow and educate you on the fundamental movements and concepts of Pilates that trigger the deep postural muscles of the body. Since Pilates is focused on quality not quantity it is important that you learn to do the exercises in the right way from the beginning. Over time the exercises become more challenging and demanding as they focus on building more whole body strength. At the highest level, Pilates is an integrated total body conditioning workout that builds the powerful and balanced strength and flexibility of a professional dancer or gymnast.

Reformer Classes

The Pilates Reformer helps one establish torso stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in full range of motion. With a moving carriage that slides along a metal frame, the adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It makes for an effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints. Exercises are performed lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing. The Reformer is an effective training tool for the restorative (post rehabilitation) program, beginner and the most advanced.

Pilates reformers are key components to many rehabilitation clinics, as more and more professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths embrace the Pilates approach as complementary to their specialties.

Many of the beginner Reformer exercises seem simple - a relaxing, almost effortless glide back and forth on the carriage with none of that overexertion sensation you get from pumping iron. The effects go deep, and you'll engage muscles you never knew you had. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes significantly greater. 

Many Pilates enthusiasts prefer working on Reformers, which offer more resistance and support than a mat. Reformer classes have an even smaller participant to instructor ratio which delivers a customized workout with lots of personal feedback!


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