Classes and Services for your Needs

At Pilates in Guelph we are proud to offer a variety of classes to help you feel great.  With 3 streams of classes, restorative, function and athletic, speciality programs, athletic therapy and massage therapy you can trust in us to keep you moving well. 

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Core Program: Therapeutic and Functional

At Pilates in Guelph we provide a solution for those looking to stay active and fit, but for whom traditional fitness regimes are unsafe.  Physical limitation need not keep anyone from the benefits of staying active. We specialize in individual sessions and group classes that safely create support for your movement through appropriate exercises tailored just for you.

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Pre and Post Natal

Pilates in Guelph supports Moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy and even after their baby is born.  With specialized instruction, techniques, and equipment, pregnant Moms can feel confident and safe while building their strength.

You can choose to take Private classes for focused one-on-one attention or join one of our Prenatal Reformer Classes.   Our prenatal class run Saturdays at 12:15