Pilates Group Classes

Pilates in Guelph offers a full schedule of group classes at 2 locations in Guelph, Downtown Guelph and Goodwin Drive in the South End of Guelph.

We offer classes in three streams; Therapeutic Stream; Functional Stream and the Athletic Stream.

What are Group Classes?

Group classes are an economical way to improve movement and performance

  • Our group classes are small, 11 people or less. This allows for personalized attention from the instructor to the students.

  • We have different types of classes. (See below). The different classes move your body and mind in different ways to give you a whole body approach.

Wondering what program or classes are best for you? We highly recommend one of these two options

Book our new client 3 private session special for $150+ hst or book a Free Consult to get an introduction and work with an instructor to put you in the best classes to meet your needs and fulfill your goals.


Results Oriented Program

Our group classes are designed for long term results. We start slow and educate you on the fundamental movements and concepts of Pilates that trigger the deep postural muscles of the body. Since Pilates is focused on quality not quantity it is important that you learn to do the exercises in the right way from the beginning. Over time the exercises become more challenging and demanding as they focus on building more whole body strength. At the highest level, Pilates is an integrated total body conditioning workout that builds the powerful and balanced strength and flexibility of a professional dancer or gymnast.

Stream 1.png

How our program works

We suggest you pick your home base class or classes. These are the classes you would attend weekly. This allows for you and the class to develop together, layering in challenge and skill specific to the class. It also creates consistency, and consistency is essential to creating a new habit for your life.

If your schedule varies, you can sign up for different classes each week. Are you going to be away, no problem, let us know and reschedule your class at another time.

All we require 6 hours notice to cancel your classes to retain the class credit.


Doing 1 or 2 classes a week? Your most economical choice is to buy a 16 or 48 week package. Once you want to do more than 3 classes, choose unlimited classes.

See studio for details on each package. Classes range in price from $8 - $28/class.

We are offering classes at 35 Harvard Road Guelph

We are offering classes at 35 Harvard Road Guelph

We work with MVA clients at Motion Plus Physiotherapy during one on one post physiotherapy Pilates sessions and often run 6 week series of classes.


Group Class Cancellation Policy: Pilates In Guelph strives to provide our clients with small group sizes in order to provide a safe and effective class. If for any reason you can not attend your scheduled Pilates class, please provide the studio with 6 hours notice to avoid losing your class credit. If you hold an unlimited class package, a charge of $5 for Mat class or $8 for a Equipment class will be applied to your credit card.