Pilates in Guelph's Apprentice Program

Our apprenticeship program is an on-the-job training process for people who want to pursue a fulfilling career as a Pilates professional beyond the level of instructor. For example, if you aspire to run your own studio, or a semi-autonomous program in an established gym or training center, this program will be of tremendous benefit. If you seek positions of leadership and responsibility at established Pilates studios, this program will prepare you to shine. The goal of our apprentice program is to produce teachers of the highest caliber with exceptional standards of instruction, leadership, and responsibility.

About the Program

Since each person comes with a different background and set of goals, you and Studio Director Caitlin Bovee will collaboratively chart out your individualized course. The vast majority of our apprenticeship training happens in the studio, shadowing a senior instructor, leading classes, and conducting private client sessions. The classes and privates will be under the supervision of Caitlin (or a senior instructor), and in this aspect the program resembles a mentorship such that you will be periodically reviewed & coached. The remainder of your time will be independent study & clinical projects (depending on your Pilates teaching strengths and weaknesses), and performing studio work (reception, administration, equipment maintenance).  You will be paid for the classes you teach and the private sessions you conduct. A typical program will be six to eight months in duration comprising 7-13 hours per week in the studio. For example it might look like this:

  • 3-5 hrs/wk studio work

  • 2-5 hrs/wk teaching group classes & privates

  • 1-4 hrs/wk observing/shadowing/teaching sessions

There are two very specific aspects of our apprenticeship that you will particularly appreciate:

1. A 10 part professional development series with Caitlin to accelerate your expertise as a Pilates instructor. 

2. You will see how Caitlin welcomes a client, assesses a client and works with them to define and operationalize their goals.   With some clients you will become the lead teacher, implementing the plan and guiding the client through their sessions. Then on a scheduled basis Caitlin will return to the client and help evaluate progress, guide next steps and develop the continued plan.  Through this process, you can ask questions, see progress and learn from a Master instructor.

The Opportunity

  • Shadow a Senior Instructor(s) and/or studio owner Caitlin Bovee,

  • Learn how a busy Pilates studio operates by working the business side of things,

  • Have free access to the studio space (when not in use) to practice teach, self-practice, and observe,

  • Have the opportunity to teach classes to real clients, and receive feedback on your teaching from Senior instructors or the Studio Director,

  • Have access to free Pilates group classes.

Admission Requirements

Pilates in Guelph Apprenticeship Program is open to newly trained Body Harmonics Instructors (or the equivalent) who have: 

  • Completed the Level 1 Matwork and/or Level 2 Reformer, (A similar opportunity is available for those who have all 3 levels of training; however the scope and length of the program will be very specific to the individual and created to focus on goals of Level 3 teacher)

  • working knowledge of functional anatomy,

  • computer skills including social media,

  • interpersonal skills.

An interview with Studio Director Caitlin Bovee is required.    

Cost: $2000 + tax (payment plans available)