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“We all deserve to move with freedom and ease.   Helping people find the freedom and ease of movement is the reason I practice and teach Pilates.  Reconnecting with our bodies, honoring the gift our bodies, is a profound healing experience and I hope to help people along that path.”   Caitlin Bovée BA & Sci

At Pilates in Guelph, our team of diverse and talented instructors and support staff make your experience excellent.  


Caitlin bovếe Ba & Sc - Studio Director

I am a Pilates success story and that is the number 1 reason I teach, run and own Pilates in Guelph.   I want everyone to have the benefit of Pilates for their own 'success' story. 

I have been in the fitness world for close to 20 years.  I started in mainstream fitness with a Group Fitness  certification, Personal Trainer certification, and coaching team sports.  My sister Ahme Bovee, opened a Pilates studio in Guelph in 2000 and I feel in love.  Helping her at the studio, I eventually became fully trained on all equipment in 2003.

I augmented my Pilates training with a variety of related exercise and movement modalities: ACE personal trainer certification; Reiki levels 1 & 2; Dance therapy; Alexander Technique; and a full range of Pilates Mind/Body innovations with specialized focus on post rehabilitation training. I have had the pleasure to work with Margot McKinnon, Eric Franklin, Brent Anderson, Marie Jose Blow, Nora St John and numerous other expert in the movement fields.  In 2007,  I took over the studio and I began to teach for Body Harmonics.

I am fascinated by the intricate and detailed work of the Pilates exercises, and how profoundly simple exercises can relieve pain, restore movement, and speed recovery for our bodies and our minds. My goal is to continue to practice and teach Pilates and other movement therapies, to develop new innovations that empower myself and others to enjoy a life of body awareness, free movement and restorative practices


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Sarah kelly

Sarah has been a Pilates instructor at Pilates In Guelph since 2008. Prior to joining the Pilates In Guelph team she had practiced Pilates for almost 10 years. After Sarah's first daughter was born with low muscle tone she became more interested in the neurological benefits of Pilates and was driven to discover a deeper understanding of the mechanics of movement.

Sarah enjoys teaching a variety of different classes and is inspired everyday by her clients to find new and innovative exercises to help them delve deeper into their inner strength and the power of their movements. She aims to not only challenge her clients to reach their individual goals but to also empower them to achieve real awareness on how they bodies move and to celebrate what their bodies can do.


Carolyn Dehu

Carolyn is a Body Harmonics Trained Pilates Instructor and Registered Massage Therapist. She has been teaching at Pilates in Guelph since 2011. After completing her massage training at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and registering with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, she began offering massage therapy at the studio in 2015. Carolyn has completed her Pilates training for Mat work, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. She is scheduled to complete her Barrels training next August. Having personally started Pilates after a dance-related knee injury, Carolyn found that the diversity of the Pilates repertoire and equipment provided her with an interesting and challenging full-body workout that lengthened and strengthened her muscles, eased fascial tensions, and increased her overall knowledge about functional body mechanics. She emerged stronger, more balanced, and more confident in her movements. Carolyn’s classes are heavily influenced by the principles of Pilates and tend to be structured with deliberate progressions. She incorporates her Massage Therapy knowledge into each session to help deepen her Client’s appreciation of how a consistent Pilates practice can improve spinal health, joint mechanics, stress management, fascial function and muscle tone. Carolyn teaches the Prenatal classes at the studio, having successfully maintained a steady Pilates practice throughout two of her pregnancies. Her goal as an Instructor is to help Clients achieve steady and consistent progress. Most importantly she hopes her Clients have fun while they are at the studio and simply enjoy the movement as well as the environment.


ivana zaniolo



Catherine sumerlee

I really believe Pilates can be a lifelong practice. I love learning about how different bodies move and I love helping people learn how to move their bodies with ease.

Body Harmonics Mat Certification 2005

Body Harmonics Equipment Certification 2007

Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist 2015

Maeghan Russell

I joined PING in August of 2015 as a part time receptionist. I quickly felt the benefits of Pilates almost immediately. An MRI had showed 2 herniated discs in my lower back resulting in sciatica. Many years of massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractors never helped for more than a few days. The pain always came back.

I scheduled myself for 2 private sessions with Caitlin and began to take Mat classes weekly. After 1 month, my pain began to ease and it is now a rare occurrence. Pilates will now be a forever part of my life.

Taught under Caitlin, I have finished my Mat and Reformer Training and love teaching our clients in the studio rooms, not just seeing them at the front desk.  Having mentors around me daily such as Sarah Kelly has only made me understand and put their expertise into action every class!




From her childhood Angelina has enjoyed being active. Throughout her youth and early adulthood she performed many recreational sports through all seasons of the year. However, a “silent injury” forced her to re-evaluate the type of activities she can perform. 

Following her diagnosis, Angelina was introduced to Pilates as a recommended form of rehabilitation. She quickly recognized that this form of movement was essential to her future with a spinal injury and shortly after embraced a Pilates lifestyle as her career. 

Angelina completed her training in Toronto through Stott Pilates in Matwork and Reformer. Shortly after moving to the KW tri-cities area, she became a new member of the Pilates in Guelph team in 2016. 

Her philosophy remains that exercise is not a chore but a lifestyle choice necessary to build a strong, resilient, and functional body, no matter your circumstances.