New Pilates Teacher Classes & Practice Clients

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Creating learning opportunities

As a training facility, we strive to create opportunities for our new or training teachers to develop and mature as teachers. There are 3 levels of training to become comprehensively trained in Pilates.

After the first level of training is completed, new teachers need experience teaching mat group classes. Hence, at Pilates in Guelph, we have developed a new teachers class to allow new teachers to get experience teaching a group. These classes are generally held on Saturday afternoons. The cost of the classes are $6 (including hst). Pre registration is required follow the link to register for the next class.

During the 2 and 3rd levels, the Pilates instructors are required to performer 100 practice teaching hours to successfully pass their course to obtain a diploma of the 2nd or 3rd level of training. We require practice client for those Pilates teachers. The individual sessions are $20 per session and are scheduled as the teachers and studio allows. Please contact if you would like to be a Practice client.