Core Program

At Pilates in Guelph we provide a solution for those looking to stay active and fit, but for whom traditional fitness regimes are unsafe.  Physical limitation need not keep anyone from the benefits of staying active. We specialize in individual sessions and group classes that safely create support for your movement through appropriate exercises tailored just for you.

Our Core program at Pilates in Guelph offers both individual and group sessions to attain pain free movement for those recovering from surgeries and/or injuries; rehabilitating from car or work accidents; dealing with illnesses such as stroke, multiple sclerosis,  fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and more.

"My instructor Caitlin is a very gifted teacher.  I had been suffering with chronic upper body pain due to multiple injuries that I had incurred a year and a half ago. I was in an accident and couldn’t get any relief from the pain. I had injured my shoulder, my lung and my left rib cage. Since working with Caitlin over the last few months, the results have been amazing. My body is experiencing dramatic healing and recovery; to the point that I no longer walk around distracted by my pain. I have more energy and am more alert throughout the day. I am also able to sleep through the night without taking any pain medication. I’d like to say thank you Caitlin for accompanying me in my journey in healing." - Marcia


Train and Restore Proper Muscular Activation

With particular focus on the importance of the neuromuscular integrity of both the local and global systems of support, a series of exercises will be introduced to re-train faulty muscle recruitment and movement patterns from the initial gentle exercises to the more complex challenging exercises, restoring freedom of movement and providing pain relief.

Group Classes

Classes are 55 to 45 minutes in length and limited to a maximum of 6 people, thereby providing a high degree of personal attention. All program instructors are expertly trained in functional anatomy, gait mechanics, movement re-education, adult learning principles and neurological functions.

Weekly classes for:

  • Stroke Survivors 
  • Injury & Accident Rehabilitation
  • Hip and Knee Replacements
  • Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Monday 10:30am, Tuesday 10:30 & 5:30, Wednesday 9:30, Thursday 9:15 and Friday 10:30 Core Reformer (Beginning in September)

 Participants learn the basics of Pilates and develop their deep core support while mobilizing through the spine and moving through the joints, in the gentle but rewarding class.  This class is safe for clients with osteoporosis, osteopenia, joint replacements, arthristis, autoimmune issues and others.   It will always give options for keeping a neutral spine.

Tuesday 9:30 Core Essential I

Thursday 12:00 Core Essential II

Participants move through a series of exercises to strengthen their local and global support systems while releasing tightness and improving balance.   At the end of this class you feel relaxed, realigned and rejuvenated.

Friday 10:30 Restorative Training

Participants in our classes report increased range of motion, strength and decrease back, neck and hip pain; increase balance and improved mental awareness as well as freedom from pain.

 At Pilates in Guelph:

  • Our training methodology starts with inner unit support followed by global muscle support.
  • We emphasize neutral alignment for proper muscle recruiting and strengthening.
  • We can improve your core & back strength
  • We can improve your posture
  • Over the last 16 years we have successful worked with numerous clients with conditions such as Harrington rods, herniated and bulging discs, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease as well as hip and knee replacements.
  • Our Studio Director is a stroke survivor and has created a Pilates based program for stroke survivors continued rehabilitation.
  • Our facility complements rather than hinder clients continued recovery and success.