Body Harmonics Teacher Training

Body Harmonics Teacher Training is about you and your success. Every part of our curriculum from technical know-how to exercise analysis, to teaching methodology and the best business practices is designed to build your confidence, competence and commitment. We help you own your scope of practice.

Pilates Teacher Training

Body Harmonic's Director of Education, Margot McKinnon, M. Ed., specializes in curriculum development. Every step of our training has been designed to develop your knowledge and skills systematically, with all learning styles in mind. Science-driven, interactive and applied learning leaves you with tools at your fingertips.

We’re here to help you reach your potential, to coach you, cheerlead and challenge you to become your best. Most importantly, we are here to recognize and celebrate every one of your successes. We often joke that what you learn at Body Harmonics is to think in shades of grey, and to marvel at everyone’s unique patterns of  movement, rather than trying to change them. 

Our Teacher Training is for you if...

  • You want educational programming that supports your learning needs at every step

  • You want to complete Pilates Comprehensive Track, a Specialist Certificate program, or continuing education workshops on a flexible schedule

  • You want an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy - how all the body parts work together during movement

  • You want lots of hands-on practice, interactive labs and observation

  • You want to be a smart, inspired teacher

  • You want mentorship opportunities with our teaching faculty

  • You want to become a Body Harmonics teacher trainer

  • You want to join our community of lifelong learners

Caitlin is thrilled to offer an apprentice program to help new and seasoned instructors succeed in their careers.   


Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive Track

If you are passionate about Pilates and want to make it your career, we strongly recommend completing all levels of Pilates Comprehensive Track. We will help you become a versatile movement educator with an eye for optimal function and purposeful application that considers age and ability.

Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive Track includes:

  • Level 1: Mat Work - 160 hours

  • Level 2: Reformer - 270 hours

  • Level 3: Cadillac, Chair, Springboard and Barrels - 270 hours

Each program includes self-practice, practice teaching and observation labs to meet the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) international standards for Pilates Education.

At each level, when all the program requirements are fulfilled, you earn a diploma for the corresponding level. When all three levels are successfully completed, you receive a Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Diploma.

To register or for information on payment option, please contact Body Harmonics directly at 416.537.0714 or 416.482.4884; toll free 1.877.537.0714 or email

At Pilates in Guelph, we go beyond just training you, we walk with you along your Pilates journey.

As a training facility, our goal is to produce confident, competent and knowledgeable instructors. That means we work with you as a Pilates teacher to provide the resources for you to be great. After level 1 training, we have created new teacher classes, to give you practice teaching a group and through level 2 and 3, we help provide the practice clients required to complete the course requirements.


Over the last 17 years Body Harmonics’ have created a roster of nearly 50 continuing education workshops that range in levels and topics. This body of work was born from teachers and other professionals asking for guidance about how to proceed with proven strategies to help people move better and safer.

You can attend any of our continuing education workshops based on your interests and needs. No previous Pilates experience is required. 

After attending a workshop, you receive a certificate of completion. You are welcome to repeat any workshop at 50% of the regular tuition cost.

We know that moving with integrity and connectedness takes many twists and turns. To be truly effective, you need to hear it, see it and do it for a concept to stick. What you learn has to have immediate relevance. You also need a safe environment to be able to say “I don’t get it”, “I don’t know what to do” or “I need help figuring this out”. Our continuing education is designed to meet all these concerns.