Foundation Mat (Beginner) This 8-week program is an introduction to the Pilates method. You will learn Pilates movements and body mechanics essentials for relieving back aches and shoulder/neck discomfort, improving core support and posture. At the end of the course your instructor will assist you in choosing what class to enroll in next. 

Core Essential (Beginner/Intermediate)  This class continues to go through the Foundations of Pilates while adding challenge with select intermediate movements and exercises.   You will strengthen your abs, back, hips, neck and shoulder in this functional, supportive and slower moving class.  Levels I & II

Precision Mat (Intermediate) This class will build on the Foundation class to increase your skill, knowledge, and strength.  Each week we will focus on a specific area of the body to gain a deeper understanding of how to move with greater ease and efficiency while building whole body strength. 

                                                                                       Arms, Shoulders and Core & Abs and Back (intermediate level 1 & 2) The name says it all. Work your core (arm, shoulders or abs and back) from every angle and every direction.  Shape, tone and strengthen to look fabulous and/or improve your performance with this intense class.  Lots of levels so you can challenge yourself

Vertical Mat  (intermediate) 35 minutes+ of this class is standing, one leg balances, lunges and squats. Challenge your balance and your core in this class with a variety of vertical and mat exercises. New equipment each week to challenge your core and your balance in new and wonderful ways.

Flow Mat (Intermediate and advanced) This class is like a dance, flowing from one movement to the next.  Lots of options, lots of challenge, get your heart beating and your muscles working in this flowing mat class.  

 Dynamic Mat (advance) This mat classes is for individuals who are very familiar with Pilates mat exercises and are looking for an additional challenge.   Instruction includes muscle work that tests your endurance, strength, and flexibility. These classes move at a quick pace and are a great way to supplement other athletic activities. 

Pre Natal Pilates (all levels) Move through your pregnancy with the guidance of our expert instructors. Stabilize your body through the coming changes as well as prepare your pelvis for labor in this class.

Circuit Training (intermediate/advanced) Whole body Circuit classes are taught in a rotation format, with multiple stations to move through every 30-60 seconds and limited resting time between each exercise.   Circuit Training is for anyone who wants to enhance their stamina and strength. It is a faster-paced class, people of an intermediate level or higher. 





** YOU MUST have adequate previous experience on the Reformers prior to attending an intermediate or advanced class.

Reformer Foundation (beg) This 8 week class is a balanced workout that starts to challenge how you use your core in relation to the resistance provided by the Reformer machines.  You will learn how to use the reformer to maximize your progress and results. You will lengthen, strengthen and realign with this beginner yet invigorating class.

Core Reformer (Intermediate 1) It all comes back to your center in this strengthening and realigning class. Focus on releasing tightness to access your true strength and support. Good for spine issues and restriction.  

Reformer Precision (Intermediate 1/2) Develop functional strength throughout your body while taking your workout to the next level with the reformer machines.  This class focuses on creating optimal and efficient movement in your body while challenging your strength.  

 Reformer Flow (Intermediate 2/3) This class will focus on movement at the intermediate level. Lots of options as you flow from one exercise to the next.  You will  build functional strength as well as working on your  endurance on the reformer machines. 

Reformer Dynamic (Intermediate/Advance) Continue to build strength in this challenging class.  You will challenge your arms, legs and core as you play with different positions and different speeds.

Reformer Advanced (Intermediate/Advance)  Sculpt a strong, flexible and balanced body with this challenging class that builds core strength, tones arms and strengthens legs.  The pace is faster, the exercises challenge your limbs and core and the workout is exhilarating.


Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Absolutely – of all the exercise/strengthening classes I have done, Pilates has improved my general flexibility and strength, especially my lower body.”

 Susan W

I like my mat class because the instructor is great and it is a good workout. Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Yes, it has helped with my sciatica and back pain.”
                      Marie Hunter
"Small class sizes with great instruction and the studio is only Pilates but has a good variety of classes and levels"




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