Restorative Mat (45 mins):  This class focuses on movement re-education in a personalized setting allowing for each client’s particular needs to be addressed.  Using props to assist joint range of motion, as well as facilitate movement through the body, we will focus on increase functional strength for daily living.   Sit to stand, walking and bending over will be movements this class will strive to make easier.

 Foundations: (Level 1)  The Foundation class is an in-depth introduction to the Pilates method.  This class will go through the proper technique as well as increase your body awareness and improve your breathing mechanics and body alignment.

 Precision Pilates: (Level 2) This class will build on the Foundation class to increase your skill, knowledge and strength.  Each week we will focus on a specific exercise or area of the body to gain deeper understanding of how to move with great ease and efficiency while building whole body strength.

 Precision Flow:  (Level 2.5) Where the precision Pilates class teaches, the precision flow class moves.   Practicing the skills and developing the strength through intermediate exercises to build strength and ease of movement.

 Core Dynamics:  (Level 3) This class will build on the Precision series of classes and exercises.   Movements became bigger requiring more control and precision, in this intermediate to advanced class.   Use balance equipment, weights and props to increase skill and strength while working on the classical intermediate and advanced repertoire.

 Core Dynamic Flow:  (Level 3.5) This class focuses on movement using the classical intermediate and advanced repertoire.   A flowing workout that includes standing and full body exercises.


Specialty Mat Classes

 Core Balance (similar to Barre):  (Level 2) Balance comes from core strength and body integration. Challenge your balance and your core strength in this Vertical class.  Build hip, knee and ankle strength as you lengthen up to the sky.  Squats, lunges, one leg balancing are all an essential part of this class

 Dynamic Balance: (Level 3) Use gravity to give resistance in this dynamic fast paced class. Working on the Pilates Vertical repertoire this class will strengthen your hips, legs and abs from every angle.   Add in mat work for a well-rounded flowing and challenging workout.

 Core Circuit: (Level 2/3) Combine core exercises with aerobic circuits to work your entire body.  The class is split into circuits and guided exercise for a fun, heart pumping workout.





Restorative Reformer: (45 minutes) This gentle and safe class helps re pattern muscular movements in the body. Using visualization and intentions, you will gently build strength to decrease pain and improve body mechanics

 Foundation Reformer (Level 1) This class is a balanced workout that starts to challenge how you use your core in relation to the resistance provided by the Reformer machines.  You will lengthen, strengthen and realign with this invigorating first level class.

 Core Reformer (level 2) It all comes back to your center in this strengthening and realigning class. Support hips through to your feet releasing tightness to access your true strength and support. Create support and strength for arms, shoulder and neck ensure good Posture.  Good for spine issues and restriction.

Precision Reformer (level 2) Develop functional strength throughout your body while learning the intermediate reformer repertoire. This class focuses on creating optimal and efficient movement in your body while adding complexity and challenge.

 Precision Flow Reformer (Level 2.5) Increase the pace while building functional strength within the intermediate reformer repertoire.

 Duo Reformer (Level 3) (80 mins) This intermediate to advanced class lets you experience the best of the mat and the reformer.  40 mins on the mat and 40 mins on the reformer challenges you to improve posture, performance and feel great.

Dynamic Reformer (Level 3) Continue to build strengthen in through the advance reformer exercises in this class.  Sculpt a strong, flexible and balanced body with this challenging class that builds core strength, tones arms and strengthens legs while learning the advance repertoire in this class

 Dynamic Flow Reformer (level 4):   The pace is faster, the exercises challenge your limbs and core and the workout is exhilarating.


Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Absolutely – of all the exercise/strengthening classes I have done, Pilates has improved my general flexibility and strength, especially my lower body.”

 Susan W

I like my mat class because the instructor is great and it is a good workout. Would I recommend Pilates in Guelph? Yes, it has helped with my sciatica and back pain.”
                      Marie Hunter
"Small class sizes with great instruction and the studio is only Pilates but has a good variety of classes and levels"




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