Pilates in Guelph is thrilled to be entering its 10th offering Body Harmonics Teacher Training

BODY HARMONICS Teacher Training is about you and your success. Every part of our curriculum from technical know-how to exercise analysis, to teaching methodology and the best business practices is designed to build your confidence, competence and commitment. We help you own your scope of practice.

BODY HARMONICS' Director of Education, Margot McKinnon, M. Ed., specializes in curriculum development. Every step of our training has been designed to develop your knowledge and skills systematically, with all learning styles in mind. Science-driven, interactive and applied learning leaves you with tools at your fingertips.

We’re here to help you reach your potential, to coach you, cheerlead and challenge you to become your best. Most importantly, we are here to recognize and celebrate every one of your successes. We often joke that what you learn at BODY HARMONICS is to think in shades of grey, and to marvel at everyone’s unique patterns of  movement, rather than trying to change them. 

BODY HARMONICS Teacher Training is for you if...

  • You want educational programming that supports your learning needs at every step
  • You want to complete Pilates Comprehensive Track, a Specialist Certificate program, or continuing education workshops on a flexible schedule
  • You want an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy - how all the body parts work together during movement
  • You want lots of hands-on practice, interactive labs and observation
  • You want to be a smart, inspired teacher
  • You want mentorship opportunities with our teaching faculty
  • You want to become a BODY HARMONICS teacher trainer
  • You want to join our community of lifelong learners 

 BODY HARMONICS courses are for you if...

  • You want to learn the Pilates repertoire and understand how to use it for building bodies full of power and grace
  • You want to learn functional anatomy - how all the body parts work together
  • You want simple explanations for complex concept
  • You want lots of hands-on practice
  • You want to be part of a larger community of movement professionals and enthusiasts who learn and grow together