Walking is great for our health and the more we walk the better our bodies, minds and souls feel. Pilates in Guelph wants to support your health by challenging and encouraging you to #walkforhealthguelph.

We want to be inclusive so… have 2 ways you can join the healthy fun…

Both challenges will raise money for the MS society of Wellington County. See pledge sheets below.

Other benefits:

  • Free weekly tips on improving your walking on our blog and social media

  • Free weekly 45 minute Pilates classes for those with MS. All level

  • Monday May 6th 12pm Mat class

    Wednesday may 15th 11:45  Reformer class

    Tuesday May 21st  Reformer and Mat 11:30

    Thursday May 30th 6:00 Mat

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  • Feel great and its FREE!


Choose Your own…

We all live busy lives and finding balance is the thing we work on. So choose the # of steps you want to challenge yourself to take each day.

What is reasonable, what is doable, what will make you feel great! At Pilates in Guelph, we want you to be successful and enjoy moving.

For this challenge you will choose the # of steps you want to achieve each day. Get pledges using the form below and hand them in to Pilates in Guelph the first week of June. We will pass the along to the MS society.


Push yourself 10,000 steps a day

This is the ultimate. We challenge you to take 10,000 steps a day. How….. walk versus driving, walk to get groceries, walk to pick up your kids, walk to dinner. Be creative, where can you put more steps into your day? Post your fitbit challenge or phone app score to social media each day and keep track of your steps. The winner (s) of this challenge will be entered into a draw for a month of unlimited mat Pilates classes at Pilates in Guelph. Good walking!