Whole Body Workshops

Fun, Informative and Interactive!

$45 each or 4 for $150


Neck and Shoulders

This two-hour neck and shoulder workshop is designed to release the neck and shoulder muscles as well as loosening related muscles and joints of the body. This session will focus on relaxation as we ‘re-learn’ to let go of the busy head and mind and allowing the inner awareness to rise. An explanation of the anatomy of the shoulders provides a better understanding of how improving the alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders will ease the strain on muscles and joints and promote an aura of confidence and health.

This session will leave you feeling lighter, more relaxed and centred and will remind you how free the neck, shoulders and head are supposed to feel.

Benefits: tones the spine, releases the neck and shoulders, lubricates the vertebrae and shoulder joints, strengthens the back muscles, can relieve headache/migraine pain, relaxes the mind.

This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels.



Back Care

This workshop focuses on core support from the inside out. We begin by building support to alleviate undo strain and compression on the bones and joint of your spine and hips. Then we focus on select muscular patterns to assist in pain free movement.


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Free your Hips

This workshop explores hips and knees. Your hip and knee tightness and pain will be alleviated by supporting your core and realigning through the lower body.  Exercises to strengthen and release your back, hips and lower legs will be review and given to you to take home.



Support your knees

Walking, running, climbing, dancing — the knees bear the brunt of every move we make throughout our lives. The main hinge between the ground and the body, knees bring together the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), fibula (next to tibia) and kneecap, and work as wheels that keep you going.

They are bound by a complicated system of ligaments, muscle, tendons and cartilage, knees are highly prone to injury.   If we support our knees by strengthening the muscles can support your knee function adequately and effectively making  the difference between a good and bad knee. 

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Improve Your Posture

Many daily dysfunctions are caused by bad posture.  Learn how to improve your posture to alleviate those daily aches and pain.  The bonus you will get taller with more energy!