Winter Weather Cancellations

Winter trees with sun small.jpg

Winter Weather And Classes

At anytime, if you feel unsafe making it to the studio, you may call us and cancel your class without losing your credit.

Your safety is important to us and Pilates can wait!

When classes are cancelled we will

  • Put a message on our answering machine saying classes are cancelled

  • Put an automatic email response on our email saying classes are cancelled

  • Put a notice up on our social media sites saying classes are cancelled

  • Put a notice on our homepage of our website saying classes are cancelled

  • Let local radio stations know to advertise on their pages that classes are cancelled.

We will also cancel privates sessions and classes through our scheduling system. The scheduling system sends an email out to everyone in a cancelled class. Please do not rely on this as the emails have often come the next day.

If in doubt, call us, email us or look on our webpage.

We love our Winter. Stay safe and have fun.