Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I want each of you to feel you can give feedback at any time.   We are only as strong as our client are satisfied and happy.

 Caitlin’s Feedback is in italics and your comments are normal type

Quality of Service at Pilates in Guelph

60% Very High Quality

32%High Quality

8% Average

Other services requested

·        Sunday classes – Reformer on Sunday

o   We have put in a Reformer Precision class on Sunday mornings

·        More advanced Reformer classes

o   We are working on making our dynamic classes more challenging both mat and reformer.  This means that some people might decide they want to switch classes (I would suggest a Mat Flow or Reformer Flow).   This is a process that takes time, as our clients get stronger, we can make more challenging classes.  And we are making more advance classes because you are stronger and ready to take on more!!!! 

  • In 2019 we are introducing HIIT Mat and Reformer classes. We think you are going to love them. They will comprise of a warm up then a 30 minute period were you work intensely for 30 secs followed by a 2 min rest period. Then an easy cool down. These HIIT classes will be a great Hit at the studio.

o   Our classes are not laid out beginner, intermediate and advanced.  An advanced person will get a workout doing the intermediate repertoire because they have learned the skills to do them movement really well.   When you jump to the 3rd level of classes without fully understanding the ‘why’ behind many of the movements, it won’t feel hard.  You will be muscling your way through and losing the benefit of the Pilates method.  Take your time, this is not like other gyms, learning the principles at any level will give you the results you are looking for.

·        Early evening

Lots of new classes early evening. Tuesday 5:30 Core Reformer, Wednesday 5:15 Core reformer, Thursday 5:15 Core Essentials

·        Early morning

o   We are trying out 2 7:15 Mat Flow classes for our September challenge. They will stay around if we get enough interest (this means at least 4 ppl)

·        More classes with Alex

o   We love Alex too. She is still on maternity leave and is returning on Wednesday nights in 2019

·        8pm classes – We got them on the schedule Monday 8:15 Mat HIIT & Reformer HIIT, Tuesday 8:15 Mat Vertical, Wednesday 8:15 Mat HIIT and Reformer Precision and Thursday 8:15 Core Circuit

·        Better communication with reception

o   Communication is very important to us.  At the front desk, we are putting in policies to get back to you the same day, even if it is just to confirm receipt of your request.  We have added Sunday reception to help both answer your questions and help you schedule and pay.   One of our challenges is that all instructors and receptionists are not in the studio daily, so communication time can take longer than desired.  We appreciate your patience and we are working on protocols to make this even better. (Keep giving feedback too)

Value for the $ of our classes

24% Excellent

40% Above Average

26% Average

Concerns and Suggestions

·        More Variety in classes

o   Over the last 18 years experience and with many courses on how to achieve results, we find that a 4 week  and 4 month cycle for learning new skills and building new strength is optimal and it is when we see the best results.  So you’ll likely see this in your classes.  That said,  we are happy to put a little more variety with equipment and movements while focusing on our goals of increasing your strength and flexibility

·        More classes by popular instructors

o   I completely agree. Now it is just asking those popular instructors to forego family and other obligations to teach more.   If you can convince them, I am all in.

·        Notification when instructor is away

o   Our teachers are people, with families and needs outside the studio. Most of the time we have the luxury to know when someone will be away and who will sub in, sometimes, it is last minute and we do not.   I understand there are favorite instructors and I encourage you to try out a few others as we often need what we don’t like.  That said, if ever you do not like the substitute teacher, let us know and we can make arrangements for you to make up your class.   My aim, is that you LOVE, all the teachers who teach at Pilates in Guelph.

·        Referral bank of other practitioners

o   Love this idea!  Will start working on it.

·        Price is high

  • I pride myself in being the most economically priced Pilates studio in Guelph and surrounding area. I also pride myself with the level of training required to work at Pilates in Guelph, the small class sizes at Pilates in Guelph and the variety of equipment at Pilates in Guelph. We are not owned by a big corporation but by my husband and I so our costs need to be higher than a normal gym. I will continue to work on pricing that pays my instructors well and supports the atmosphere of the studio as well as allows as many people as possible to access the benefits of Pilates at Pilates in Guelph.

·        More space for winter boots and coats

o   The latest renovations will help with this.    We are confined to the space we are in (for now).   A bigger space would translate into an increased cost for the participants, which I attempt to avoid.  Please bare with us for a little longer.  Hopefully soon I will get announcing a solution to this issues.

·        More feedback from teachers

o   Yes, of course.  


Anything else you’d like to share

·        I love Pilates in Guelph

·        Some teachers are better than others

o   We all have personalities. Those personality are going to attract us to some people and repel us from others.  I try to have a mix of instructors with a mix of different strengths and passions. This allow the studio to have a fullness and richness in its program.

·        I love the studio

·        I think you are all awesome

·        I love the atmosphere you’re created and always enjoy my time in the studio, not to mention the improvements I have seen in my overall strength and mobility

·        I’ve been attending for 5 years now. I really love your instructors, facility and  the way I feel when I leave a class

·        Thank you for helping us stay strong and fit

·        Additional parking in the back

o   Agreed.  We are working on finding more parking.  unfortunately , our neighbors are not very cooperative when it comes to parking and often threaten that they will tow cars away.   I walk and bike as often as I can.  We also have found additional parking for our staff to free up some much needed space.   I thank you for your patience on this matter.

·        Overall, very pleased with program. Very supportive and friendly atmosphere.  Instructors are knowledgeable and attentive.  Front desk is very helpful.

·        Make clients sweat. Be really clear with your class descriptions, low intensity versus high intensity

o   Pilates is not about high intensity workout.  It can be sometimes but the main focus of Pilates is to use our bodies efficiently and optimally.  The goal at the end of a class is to feel stretch, taller, and more grounded not muscle soreness.   This also means that an advanced person will feel a tremendous workout at the precision or intermediate level because they have mastered the principles of pilates.  Harder exercises does not mean better unless you have the control, precision and form to execute them. We are also introducting some HIIT classes to increase the intensity in the classes. Try one of the new classes out.

·        You guys are amazing. I live quite far so its no longer convenient for me to come to your studio, however, none compares and I keep coming back when I can

·        I like the web platform. Being able to change my schedule independently is great.  Only suggestion would be to add a feature showing how many sessions I have paid for vs used so it is easy to tell if I need to make up or am over and by how many.

·        Great instructors and great classes