Pilates for Everyone

Today I am joined with Erinn, who has been a longtime client and now coworker at Pilates in Guelph.  Erinn has a hip and elbow replacement and we have worked over the years to strengthen her body during her challenges with Rheumatoid Arthritis.    

This exercise is Knee Stretch - Flat back.  For Erinn, we need to make modification so her knees do not pass the 90 degree angle as well Erinn needs to be on her elbows to strengthen through her shoulders as she is unable to straighten her left elbow.    

I ask Erinn to connect her hamstrings to movement her thigh bones in her hip sockets.  Can you see how this helps her stabilize her torso so she is differentiating at the hip joint?  Also I would have her anchor her forearms into the bar from her armpit/waistlines to have strong solid shoulder connection.   She does this exercise very well.  

Both myself and Erinn have Rheumatoid Arthritis and for both of us, movement has always been the key to coping with this disease.   It does mean that exercises need to be modified on a daily basis to adjust for how the body is feeling that day.   

Erinn is passionate about an event. The Power of Movement which raises money for Autoimmune Disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.   For more information or to donate please visit their site Power of Movement Website


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