April Instructor Highlight - Paula Skimin

I received my Mat Certification in 2006 from Body Harmonics studio in Toronto. Since
then I have taught both Mat and Private classes.

I have a background in dance and am still able to perform and teach thanks to Pilates.
Pilates has given me new insight into the mechanics of the body. It has increased my
body awareness not just in my own dancing but of the students I teach as well. It helps
me move throughout the day in guidance and knowledge.

I credit Pilates for a career that can often be short lived and feel very lucky to have discovered it. Pilates is a continues reveal as its benefits of the repertoire are so deep. I look forward to
uncovering even more through studying the reformer this year.

It is a pleasure to work at Pilates in Guelph with all these talented and generous teachers and lovely clients.

Caitlin BoveeComment