Is there Anyone Who Can't Benefit from Pilates?

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Though Pilates has been around since the early twentieth century, it has only gained widespread recognition in the last few decades. Now, millions of people across Canada, the United States and the world practice Pilates every day to improve their health and fitness.  

With its odd-looking equipment, Pilates can be intimidating for someone who’s unfamiliar with the exercises. Perhaps you wonder what all the fuss is about, but harbor doubts as to whether this type of workout can truly benefit you.

In reality, there are very few people who can’t benefit from a Pilates workout—in fact, it can benefit nearly everyone.

Amateur and Professional Athletes

More amateur and professional athletes are looking to non-traditional workouts to improve their performance on the field or the court. Low-impact and mat-based workouts such as yoga and Pilates are becoming an essential part of many athletes’ training programs to both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Since Pilates focuses on physical strength and flexibility, it is the perfect choice for athletes who need to strengthen and protect their muscles, joints and ligaments.



Pilates classes, similar to many group fitness classes, are often dominated by women. However, men can also benefit from those same workouts. Since Pilates focuses on core strength and flexibility, it is a great complement to a strength training program. Plus, Pilates isolates and works many under-used muscle groups, which will support an overall fitness program. Doing a regular Pilates workout, even just once per week, can increase an individual’s range of motion, which also helps to prevent many types of injuries.



While millions of women have already discovered the benefits of a Pilates workout, there are many more who have never tried it. Among other things, Pilates helps students to develop their core and pelvic floor strength, both of which are especially critical for women as they age and if they’re considering trying to get pregnant. Because of its focus on improving core strength, Pilates also helps practitioners to develop better posture.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

People who suffer from chronic pain, especially back pain, can discover significant benefits from participating in Pilates workouts. The focus Pilates has on core strength, conditioning and neutral spinal alignment can have incredible benefits for anyone suffering from back pain.

Another benefit of Pilates is improved joint flexibility, so it is also a great option for people suffering from various types of joint pain or weakness, including those with arthritis.

People Who are Overweight

If you are overweight or obese, you might wonder if your size will make it difficult to participate in a Pilates workout. The truth is exactly the opposite. Since Pilates is a low-impact workout, and most of the movements are done sitting, kneeling or lying, it’s a much easier workout for people who are overweight than other methods with higher impact movements. Additionally, most Pilates movements can be modified to match the fitness level of the person doing the exercise, so making adjustments to your workout to fit your body size and abilities is easy.


Taking a serious fall is a major concern for many older adults. With a focus on improving core strength and balance, Pilates is a great workout option for seniors looking to improve or maintain their health. Since Pilates focuses on quality, rather than quantity, of movement and is not high-impact, it can cater perfectly to the needs of older people and aid in improving coordination and stability. Pilates is also an excellent way to recover after surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, and integrates well with physical therapy regimens.

Trying Pilates

 As you can see, Pilates is a workout that can benefit anyone, no matter your fitness level, age or motivations for working out. If you’re ready to try a class for yourself, there are several ways you can see first-hand how it works for you.

Free Consults

At Pilates in Guelph we offer a FREE consult, were you can try Pilates, see the studio and talk to an instructor about the best way to achieve your goals. 

Private Lesson

A private lesson with an instructor is another great way to try out Pilates. Since you’ll be working one-on-one with your instructor, you don’t have to worry about other students in the class and can match the workout to your needs. Though this is the costliest way to test out a fitness program, it will also give the most in-depth insight into whether or not Pilates is the right choice for you.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, or what health challenges you face, Pilates can offer you many benefits, including a stronger core, increased flexibility and better balance. If you haven’t yet tried it, give Pilates a chance to see just how much it can do for you.


If you want to try Pilates, but you’re not quite ready to invest in a studio membership, you can try exploring fitness channels on YouTube. You can access hundreds of thousands of Pilates workouts available from fun, qualified instructors at no cost.

YouTube is an especially great resource if you have limited time or travel frequently. The only downside is sometimes YouTube access can be blocked, depending on your internet connection. If you are having trouble accessing your favorite YouTube Pilates channel, try using a virtual private network to avoid the content filters and access your workout.


About the Author: Cassie is a fitness instructor who prides herself on helping her clients improve their fitness, no matter what obstacles are in their way. She believes everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life and loves to share that enthusiasm with her clients, both online and in the gym.


We have a 6 week series of classes Monday May 8th at 9am and Tuesday May 9th at 6:30 at 45 Harvard Rd (Motion Plus Physiotherapy).   Contact us to reserve your space. 

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