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How Pilates Helped Me Exercise.

By Melanie Bond

I was diagnosed with MS fourteen years ago and have since experienced many symptoms (double vision, numbness, fatigue, sharp pain and decreased balance). I struggled for years to find an exercise plan that would work for my body, with or without symptoms, until I found Pilates.

My journey with Pilates started with simple and gentle movements which also focused on a mind/body connection. Also, the studio team empowered everyone to accomplish their personal best with no judgements - no stress! It felt good both mentally and physically, I walked out better then when my walked in.

I have since challenged myself in my Pilates journey and have improved my flexibility, muscle strength and balance to name a few. I am convinced of the many benefits of Pilates as I’ve experienced them in myself and have seen the changes in many others. I truly believe that regardless of your physical ability a customized Pilates program can help emphasize optimal function for all systems of the body. For these reasons I have chosen to start my exciting journey of becoming a Pilates instructor with a focus to help others with an autoimmune condition. I am truly fortunate and thankful to have found Pilates.


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Want a full body exercise? You’ve got it in snake


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Putting it all Together

Sometimes I forget how much I love Pilates but that isn't today.  Today I am still feeling the highs from my class last night, Reformer Dynamic Flow.  We are working on our back bodies and creating a flowing workout so we just don't stop.  By the end of that class all of our faces are glistening (in the good way) and we feel reinvigorated and refreshed

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