Welcome March Matness

Every year in March, you can see people posting their march matness exercises.  Traditionally it is the traditional matwork series from Joseph Pilates.   We decided to do something a little different...  the instructors at Pilates in Guelph are going to show you variations of the 'classical' exercises but we are also going a step further and challenging ourselves to do 31 pilates sessions in the 31 days of March.    

Game on ladies!  Follow us and cheer on your instructor to get to 31 classes in 31 days.   

Our first exercise is courtesy of Ivana.  Our lovely resident athletic therapist and Pilates teacher extraordinaire.   The original series starts with 100s and we give it to you standing.    We put lots of variations.  

The basic exercise is standing tall on one leg with the other leg lifted, while pumping your arms with a staccato breath (in for 5 pumps and out for 5 pumps).    Add the curl forward for extra challenge but make sure you are not falling forward.  Lift your spine to curl forward.  

What we love about Pilates

Feeling strong!

I will admit. I am never going to be model skinny. I am never going to be tall.  And I will never eat like I would need to to have a 6 pack - I just like my sweets and wine too much.   However, I am strong and capable.  The other day, on the city bus, a woman couldn't get her walker through the aisle. I pick up her walker, lifted it over my head (as it was the only way it would get through and walked it to her) and carried it to her.  I did this all in front of my daughter.   I want my daughter to grow up knowing her mommy is strong and capable.   That is what Pilates does for me and what  I love about Pilates.  

Pilates with Resistance

How do you use small equipment in the Pilates studio?    

Physical Benefits of Resistance Apparatus Training
• Increased muscle strength
• Increased tendon strength and toughness
• Increased ligament strength and toughness
• Increased bone density
• Increased flexibility
• Improved postural support

Also weighted balls, therabands and fitness circles are easy to transport and take with you to your classes.    

It is important to use your resistant apparatus with intention for the safe execution of the exercise.  

Come join me on Sunday February 19th to spice up your mat classes with resistant apparatus.  http://www.pilatesinguelph.com/continuing-education    



Putting it all Together

Sometimes I forget how much I love Pilates but that isn't today.  Today I am still feeling the highs from my class last night, Reformer Dynamic Flow.  We are working on our back bodies and creating a flowing workout so we just don't stop.  By the end of that class all of our faces are glistening (in the good way) and we feel reinvigorated and refreshed


Interested in the Reformer?  The Pilates Reformer adds a lot of support for your body. This allows you to access your stabilizer muscles, and deep core more effectively because you don’t have to ‘cheat’ your way through exercises – meaning you get the very most out of your effort, time and money.

The Reformer is great for those starting out and for athletes to refine their mechanics.   

This exercise is rolling back.  It is a great core exercises to feel your torso muscles.  The key here is to move from your pelvis, anchor your hamstrings into the carriage and focus on opening your hips.

Interested in trying the reformer?  Try a class out Saturday 9:15 Reformer Foundation $140 + hst for 8 weeks 

Do you teach Pilates? Try a class for $15 + hst. (Our instructor special price)  Or join my training BODY HARMONICS reformer level 2 training starting January 27th.  For more inforamtion check out http://www.pilatesinguelph.com/pilates-comprehensive-track