Want a full body exercise? You’ve got it in snake


Pilates with Resistance

How do you use small equipment in the Pilates studio?    

Physical Benefits of Resistance Apparatus Training
• Increased muscle strength
• Increased tendon strength and toughness
• Increased ligament strength and toughness
• Increased bone density
• Increased flexibility
• Improved postural support

Also weighted balls, therabands and fitness circles are easy to transport and take with you to your classes.    

It is important to use your resistant apparatus with intention for the safe execution of the exercise.  

Come join me on Sunday February 19th to spice up your mat classes with resistant apparatus.  http://www.pilatesinguelph.com/continuing-education    



Putting it all Together

Sometimes I forget how much I love Pilates but that isn't today.  Today I am still feeling the highs from my class last night, Reformer Dynamic Flow.  We are working on our back bodies and creating a flowing workout so we just don't stop.  By the end of that class all of our faces are glistening (in the good way) and we feel reinvigorated and refreshed

Torso Twister

More Waistlines.....  
Obliques, Obliques and more Obliques  
Torso twister gets your waistlines working.  The challenge here is your posture.  Keep hips open (think reaching thighs backwards? odd right - ask me more) and still. Hips don't move with your ribcage. 

-  Play with cueing your lateral systems as you twist.

Want more?  Pilates Teachers can take a reformer class at Pilates in Guelph for $15+hst.  Then sign up for BODY HARMONICS level 2 training in Guelph with me starting January 27 2017.