Want a full body exercise? You’ve got it in snake


No limits

A few days ago, Erinn, an instructor at the studio and long time client at the studio showed me a magazine where she was featured.   It was touching showcase of the struggles that Erinn has faced in the last 20 years with her battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis.   

As a pilates instructor, having worked with Erinn for over 10 years, I have seen first hand her weekly physical struggles.   We work privately to focus on strengthening around her 2 joint replacements while adapting to the changing joint inflammation and pain.  

Take a look at the video @ https://mobile.twitter.com/SupportSinai/status/864523625805860870/video/1

or the article


As a teacher trainer for BODY HARMONIC' I tell my students that having physical challenges can be used to your advantage.  When a teacher experiences challenges in their own body, they can relate to clients challenges with more empathy and understanding.   

This makes Erinn a great teacher.   Book a session with her today or take a class.  Erinn works Monday am at 9:00, Tuesday am 9:30 Mat class and 10:30 Core Reformer class and Tuesdays 6:30pm at 35 Harvard

March Instructor Challenge


We are at the end of our instructor challenge for 2017.  We found it hard to fit a Pilates workout  in (and we were not allowed to use the classes we taught) with sickness, holidays and just general life.  But my gosh my body feels amazing.   Here are some images of the triumphs of our Pilates in Guelph team.  

The winner of the Pilates in Guelph challenge is Ivana!  Her prize is $200 of Pilates clothing.

What we love about Pilates

Feeling strong!

I will admit. I am never going to be model skinny. I am never going to be tall.  And I will never eat like I would need to to have a 6 pack - I just like my sweets and wine too much.   However, I am strong and capable.  The other day, on the city bus, a woman couldn't get her walker through the aisle. I pick up her walker, lifted it over my head (as it was the only way it would get through and walked it to her) and carried it to her.  I did this all in front of my daughter.   I want my daughter to grow up knowing her mommy is strong and capable.   That is what Pilates does for me and what  I love about Pilates.  

Pilates with Resistance

How do you use small equipment in the Pilates studio?    

Physical Benefits of Resistance Apparatus Training
• Increased muscle strength
• Increased tendon strength and toughness
• Increased ligament strength and toughness
• Increased bone density
• Increased flexibility
• Improved postural support

Also weighted balls, therabands and fitness circles are easy to transport and take with you to your classes.    

It is important to use your resistant apparatus with intention for the safe execution of the exercise.  

Come join me on Sunday February 19th to spice up your mat classes with resistant apparatus.  http://www.pilatesinguelph.com/continuing-education